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TEMAT: He3D-C300 3D Printer Pre-assembled Reprap

He3D-C300 3D Printer Pre-assembled Reprap 07/15/2015 01:56 #8343

;) The size of Reprappro Mendel is increased
1, 5 mm thickness aluminum alloy table, more durable, heat up more faster
2, extensibility, scalable single nozzle design (standard for the print heads, already reserve the installation position)
3, FT card offline print function, this card is the same  memory card in the phone
4, install a Melzi Ardentissimo electronic circuit (for details, please refer to  electric and electronic parts catalog of our store)
5,  for 1.75 mm filament (PLA, ABS,PA(Nylon),HIPS,flexible PLA etc)
6,more simplely and easily to assembly and  maintenance
7,linear bearings for X, Y, Z axis! Movement is more fluent, and more accurate.
8, printing precision is improved, the nozzle diameter is 0.40 mm(if you need 0.5mm,please left message for us)
9. replacing materials is more quickly (you can change different color materials, to achieve colorful model, for details, please refer to the beblow picture)
10,  printing size is increased, do not worry about a bigger model.
11, the power is 24 v, 400 w, support 110 v to 220 v   
C300 - ( Pre-assembled version Some parts we have assembled )
Print size :300 x230x160mm machine, 
Product appearance size:540X450X400mm
1, extruding machine drive (assembled)
2, hot end  (assembled)
3, heating platform (assembled)
This version can save the assembly time for you!
Operation systerm support: Linux  Mac  windows7 or later XP.
For XP system, the printing software is Pronterface. For other systerms, the printing software is Repetier Host.
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