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TEMAT: 3d printers Limit discounts

3d printers Limit discounts 07/13/2015 09:35 #8341

We will soon celebrate the 6 anniversary of the company,now all products are discount. We have to thank old and new customers to our support, all our products are in the promotion, if you are interested in 3d printer, if you want to have a printer of your own, I think this is a chance not to be missed, welcome to visit my store.Thank you.
Hurry up!!
Promotion time: 2015.7.11-2015.7.18
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3d printers Limit discounts 02/04/2016 05:46 #8387

The Technology of printing physical 3D objects from digital data using vertical axis manufacturing process is called "additive manufacturing."

The amount of material, the rotation of the platform and the design of the object is administered in a computer controlled environment.

This technology allows for complex shape, size and dimensions which are not easily or economically available using traditional manufacturing tooling methods. 3D printing service india allows low cost production of highly specific, low volume products or mass markets quicker.

Remove unwanted restrictions to your designs, produce prototypes as one unit or pre-built unit assembly to aid in mass manufacturing.
Vexma Technologies pvt ltd provides a one stop shop for product development and design to mass manufacturing solutions. With endless possibilities in 3d printing services, we provide solutions that benefits Doctors, Engineers, Architects and enthusiast.
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