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TEMAT: A140 Mini Huxley Reprap 3D Printer kit

A140 Mini Huxley Reprap 3D Printer kit 06/13/2015 03:38 #8330

3D Printer Motherboard: melzi main chip 1284 p
3D Printer Stepper motor A4982 chip
Output power: 24 v input AC110-220 - v
Maximum build area: 140 x140x110mm
Printer dimension: 260 x280x280mm
LCD control panel and SD card reader (optional)
Printing filament compatibility: ABS, PLA, 1.75 mm in diameter.
Building surface: PCB heating bed.
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm (Optional 0.5mm)
Precision standard: 0.1 mm
Resolution: 0.0125 mm
Construction speed: 1800 mm/min
Move speed: 1.2 mm/minute
Deposition rate: 33 cm/hour
Movement: X and Y and Z axis low friction bushing, X, Y is linear bearing. All soldered electronics and built-in microSD card slot for stand-alone printing. Enhanced set, improve the X and Y shaft assembly is convenient Ultra-low print noise, let you print more quiet!
Client operating system: MAC/Linux/Windows.
Pronterface is recommended for Windows XP system, for other operating system Repetier host is recommended.
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